Development of constructive solutions for equipping pipeline systems with units for launching and receiving cleaning pistons


  • S. M. Stetsiuk УкрНДІгаз, Червоношкільна набережна, 20, Харків, Харківська область, 61000



gathering gas pipelines; gas network; reconstruction; temporary camera; connector; contamination.


The advantages and disadvantages of methods of cleaning the internal cavity of pipelines from various contaminants are described. According to the criteria of «ease of use», «efficiency», «cost» and «environmental impact», preference was given to the pig cleaning method. Also, the advantage of pigs is the ability not only to clean the internal cavity of pipelines, but also to diagnose pipelines, localize leaks and defective long areas, perform local repairs. The expediency of equipping gathering gas pipelines, gas and heat networks with pig launcher and receiver is substantiated. However, such pipeline systems are characterized by a large number of complications, in particular: a variety of technological schemes, contain a large number of uneven fittings, adapters from a larger to a smaller diameter of pipes and vice versa, various tees (welded, stamped, etc.) and elbow. Therefore, for such systems, various constructive solutions have been developed for pig launcher and receiver, namely, launcher and receiver nodes, connecting nodes for mobile pig launcher and receiver. It is indicated in which case it is advisable to give preference to one or another constructive solution. To ensure the possibility of cleaning the pipeline with several pigs with a small time interval between the start of each one, a connector for launching the cleaning pigs has been developed. The connector is primarily recommended in case of complicated and long-term disassembly, installation of the pipe, valve and other pipeline elements in the places where the cleaning pigs are planned to start. The criteria for selecting pipelines of gas field collection systems, gas and heat networks for the reconstruction and arrangement of pig launcher and receive, connection nodes of mobile pig launcher and receiver have been proposed.



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