The influence of phase load asymmetry on power losses in power distribution network lines of oil and gas enterprises

  • Yu. F. Romaniuk IFNTUOG
  • O. V. Solomchak IFNTUOG
  • V. M. Chornous IFNTUOG
Keywords: electric network, asymmetrical loads, power losses, neutral conductor


The influence of phase load asymmetry on power losses in electric lines is investigated. The influence of phase load redistribution on power losses in three-phase three-conductor line with the insulated neutral is analyzed. It is demonstrated that additional power losses occur in this line which are in quadratic dependency on the relative change of phase loads. The influence of neutral conductor resistance in the four-conductor three-phase electric network on power losses in different asymmetry modes is investigated.  It is shown that power losses in this network are much larger than in three-conductor network with identical phase load asymmetry and depend on the neutral conductor resistance. Significant economic effect can be obtained by increasing the cross-section of neutral conductor. At the same time, the simultaneous decrease of power losses and increase of the operational reliability of electric network are observed.


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